Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

First Touch.

Hi Everyone,...

I'm Ayu Dyah Andari.

This is my first touch.
Touch for sharing my story, story of my Lovemy Life, and Lace.

My Love,
Absolutely my small family. My Knight with two beloved pretty angels (Yup, I am a happy mom with two daughters :p)

My Life,
Just a juicy story about how i deal with life and my activity as hommypreneur :p..

is represent about how i'm dancing with my passion....making a beautiful dress for beautiful you.

Lace? why Lace? why not ribbon, fabric, needle, any other materials ?
It represents myself with only two words...."Classic and "Detail"

"Classic" is how I look to my self... my style...my character of design and off course  "Detail" is how I make every things perfect...same as a perfect dress that make you smile by looking at it, feel it and finally wear it

ok then,
thats it :)

c u on my other touch :)

With Love,

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