Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Another "Twilight" Project

About a month ago,
A friend of my brother called and express her interest to have a Vampire gown for her pre-wedding photo. Produce a Vampire gown is not new for me as I have made it before for my brother wedding as well. The challenge when she want to have "under water" shoot. Aside of the design, the selection of materials and its accessories will be very critical. This is totally new challenge for me. So excited.

Request :
The color is Black and Red, the dress is combination of modern and classic.

Few notes on her vampire dress design: 
- Still can be used as party dress after photo (the vampire things can be taken out after photo session)
- Still sexy and classy (not only scary vampire)

and here the design :

Picha-vampire dress
Unique facts : the backless vampire cloak, to show the sexy back and fabulous sequins.

The combination of Angelina sateen and Cerruti chiffon will be used as it light enough to make sure the gown will floating and shows the best shape in the water. Accent of red tules will be combined to explore the dramatic effect.

For Sequins, irregular glass sequins will emphasis the modern taste of the whole design. Little combination of red and white crystal swarovski make it looks glamour, and "drops" shape will keep the classic taste.

The sequins for application

The gown still on progress, will update you soon...


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