Senin, 10 Desember 2012


Renaissance is my favorite fashion era :)
Ga terhitung gimana era tersebut mempengaruhi garis design saya :)
Classic luxurious :)

My very first customer, also my best friend
Titis (@titiesdp) ask me to design her wedding gown..
her direction :
1. she want to be classic
2. the combination between kebaya and renaissance :)..
3. should be in Purple color, since she love purple very much!.. 
you may she in purple every day!! :D

anyway,  i also made her pre wedding dress :) in purple of course..

love the mysterious feeling.. like a lost princess

looking for the fireflies

Gown by me
foto by : tommy hermansyah
make up by Syifa nuzula irfani

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wah ide rennaisance nya keren :)